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Vice president of School Athletics Association

Mr.Deshapriya Rathnayake,has been selected as a vice president of Sri Lanka School Athletics Association.Staff and the students of Kandy Model school had a felicitation ceremony for him,recently.

Investiture of Environment Pioneers was held at school mainhall.


Microsoft Showcase School

Kandy Model School has been selected to the Showcase School Programme by Microsoft.The programme gives opportunity to reacieve recognition on a global scale as an innovative school with strong leadership vision for change.


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Thursday, 23 January 2014 08:45
Welcome to the Official website of Kandy Model School
Kandy Model School is one of the best Model Schools in the Central province ,Sri Lanka ,which provides primary and secondary education.Being a mixed school with nearly 1400 student population ,the school is located in two different places under the same administration.The primary section is situated in Pallethalawinna ,one kilometre away from Katugasthota - Polgolla main road.The secondary section is situated in a greener environment in Uyanwatta ,Polgolla. Kandy Model School has an enviable reputation in academic excellence ,sports , IT and extra-curricular activities.
The two sections are managed under the leadership of the present principal Mr. Deshapriya Rathnayake.


Mr.Deshapriya Rathnayake, the principal of Kandy Model School, has been selected as a vice president of All island School Athletics Association.


School Felicitation


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